30 Day Photo Challenge + Daily Doodle 7

Daily Doodle, Photo a Day

Not feeling well is a good excuse for not posting, right? I’ve been feeling bad enough for the past week to not want to do anything except lay on the couch and sleep. Thankfully, since it’s summer, I can do that. And play video games. Anyway, since day 13 of the photo challenge is “Cannot Live Without” and I needed to get back to the Daily Doodle I photographed some gesture drawings I’ve been working on. I think getting back to basics – or learning the basics – is important when it comes to art, especially drawing since it’s the foundation for most visual artwork. Thus, the basics of figure drawing/drawing in general is something I cannot live without. It’s important to not get so swept up in details or the latest trends that we forget to go back to the essence of a thing. You don’t need fancy paper or pencils to draw a beautiful image. Instead you simply need to understand the potential within the elements you possess and the importance of perseverance. Until next time!

Day 13.2

Day 13.1


Daily Doodle 5

Daily Doodle

I have to admit that I’m getting a bit tired of the rain. Where is the sunny July that I hoped for back during the school year? In other news, I’m not the happiest with today’s Doodle. I feel like it could be more interesting, have a better composition, etc, but I wasn’t sure what to change so I just left it be. Does anyone else become frustrated with not being the artist he or she wants to be? I know that I can become better, but struggling through those 10,000 hours in order to reach the next level is discouraging. However, what’s the point in giving up especially since I know I have the ability to be better.

DD 5.2

Drawn with a China marker pencil.

DD 5.1

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 6 + Daily Doodle 3

Daily Doodle

Summer Mondays are for watching movies and going on walks with friends. At least that’s what my excuse is for not taking much time for art today. I decided to combine the photo theme “Obsession” with my Daily Doodle and came up with this little sketch. I couldn’t think of any personal obsession at the time so I included coffee, art, chocolate chip cookies, and sleep because I love each of those – especially coffee. Until tomorrow!

DD 3.1

DD 3.2

DD 3.4

Daily Doodle 1

Daily Doodle

Hello again! After listening to an interview with the talented artist Pascal Campion I was inspired to sit and simply doodle something purely for the sake of being creative. While it is important to work on the technical side of drawing, which is what I’ve been doing this past week, I also feel like I haven’t been as original as I want to be. Listening to Campion talk about how he does a sketch a day without any previous planning made me want to do the same thing in order to force myself to simply let go of all the rules and see how far I can take a drawing with nothing but the  imagination, talent, motivation, and time I have in that moment.

DD 1.1DD 1.2
DD 1.4DD 1.3