30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 14

Photo a Day

Hello again! Since I felt crappy the last week and a half I haven’t posted very much. Nonetheless, my sister posed for me so I could take photos for Day 14’s challenge “Eyes.” Hope you enjoy!

Day 14.3 Day 14.2 Day 14.1


Daily Doodle 5

Daily Doodle

I have to admit that I’m getting a bit tired of the rain. Where is the sunny July that I hoped for back during the school year? In other news, I’m not the happiest with today’s Doodle. I feel like it could be more interesting, have a better composition, etc, but I wasn’t sure what to change so I just left it be. Does anyone else become frustrated with not being the artist he or she wants to be? I know that I can become better, but struggling through those 10,000 hours in order to reach the next level is discouraging. However, what’s the point in giving up especially since I know I have the ability to be better.

DD 5.2

Drawn with a China marker pencil.

DD 5.1