30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 14

Photo a Day

Hello again! Since I felt crappy the last week and a half I haven’t posted very much. Nonetheless, my sister posed for me so I could take photos for Day 14’s challenge “Eyes.” Hope you enjoy!

Day 14.3 Day 14.2 Day 14.1


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 12

Photo a Day

This evening I actually went outside and took photos and it was wonderful. The setting sun – perfect for the theme “Sunset” – filtering through the leaves created beautiful lighting and all of the colors looked washed from the recent rain. Plus, I spent time with family picking pears from some of our fruit trees. Summer is glorious.

Day 12.3

Day 12.2

Day 12.1

Day 12.4

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 10

Photo a Day

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post… A lot has been going on this past week and a half – one of my sisters came home from summer school, a brother came to visit for a bit, and another sister and her family are staying with my parents and I as well. I love getting to spend time with family, but it’s more difficult to fit in blogging. Mondays are good days to start fresh, though.

Day 10’s theme is “Childhood Memory,” and I decided to photograph some peaches my brother picked because I have fond memories of pulling peaches off trees for my mom to turn into pies when I was small.

Day 10.1

These will be a pie later today (minus the slightly moldy one).

Day 10.2

And these…

Day 10.3

And these ones, too…

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 8


Hello again! I missed yesterday’s challenge “Routine,” and to be honest these are older photos… I’ve been busy with life outside of art, ok? However, I felt like these photos of my family’s dog, Pearl, fit the theme since she always waits by the side door for my mom to come back inside.

Day 8.2

Day 8.3

Day 8.1

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 7


Day 7’s theme is “Changes To Come,” and while I know that I’ll be at college in August, that I’ll start classes, meet new people, and see new things beyond that I really don’t know what’s going to happen. It may sound like I have plans for the future, but let’s face it – how many of us actually know what’s going to happen? I have no way of seeing into my future. So I’ll leave you with the oh-so-cliché warning to live every moment to the fullest, be a true friend, love your family, and enjoy the little things because you never know what changes are to come.

Day 7

It’s the truth.

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 4


Today’s photo theme was “Something Green,” and while I honestly did explore the great outdoors for something that color, I just didn’t see anything that really caught my eye – except for this caterpillar. There are  green trees in the background so that counts, right?

Version 2

There is some green here, ok.

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 3


Well… I’m already a day behind on my photo challenge, but at least I have a bit of an excuse. Yesterday’s theme was “Clouds” and there were no interesting clouds to be found. I promise. Thankfully a storm blew through this evening and I was able to take a few photos before the rain started falling. So here you go, lovelys, a photo of clouds.

Until tomorrow ~

Day 3 - Clouds

Day 3 – Clouds

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 2


Today’s photo theme was “What You Wore,” and I have to admit that after a busy day the last thing I wanted to do was figure out an interesting way to display my outfit. So instead I shared my adorable dinosaur earrings because why not? It’s annoying having a nicer camera (Nikon D3300), but not knowing how to take good photos… Live and learn I suppose.

What I wore