30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 14

Photo a Day

Hello again! Since I felt crappy the last week and a half I haven’t posted very much. Nonetheless, my sister posed for me so I could take photos for Day 14’s challenge “Eyes.” Hope you enjoy!

Day 14.3 Day 14.2 Day 14.1


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 9

Photo a Day

Today’s photo theme is “Someone You Love” so I picked a photo of my best friend I took when she graciously agreed to pose for me so I could practice my photography. It’s funny the different ways you become friends with people. Sometimes you’re thrown together with someone or you go through an experience that forces you (in a good way) to become friends. Other times you simply spend so much time with a person that you eventually look at the other individual and think, “You know what? We’re friends and I have no idea when that happened.” It might take days or, if you’re like me, it might take years before you actually open up to the other person and consider him or her a real friend, but eventually it happens and it’s wonderful.

Day 9