30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 14

Photo a Day

Hello again! Since I felt crappy the last week and a half I haven’t posted very much. Nonetheless, my sister posed for me so I could take photos for Day 14’s challenge “Eyes.” Hope you enjoy!

Day 14.3 Day 14.2 Day 14.1


30 Day Photo Challenge + Daily Doodle 7

Daily Doodle, Photo a Day

Not feeling well is a good excuse for not posting, right? I’ve been feeling bad enough for the past week to not want to do anything except lay on the couch and sleep. Thankfully, since it’s summer, I can do that. And play video games. Anyway, since day 13 of the photo challenge is “Cannot Live Without” and I needed to get back to the Daily Doodle I photographed some gesture drawings I’ve been working on. I think getting back to basics – or learning the basics – is important when it comes to art, especially drawing since it’s the foundation for most visual artwork. Thus, the basics of figure drawing/drawing in general is something I cannot live without. It’s important to not get so swept up in details or the latest trends that we forget to go back to the essence of a thing. You don’t need fancy paper or pencils to draw a beautiful image. Instead you simply need to understand the potential within the elements you possess and the importance of perseverance. Until next time!

Day 13.2

Day 13.1

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 12

Photo a Day

This evening I actually went outside and took photos and it was wonderful. The setting sun – perfect for the theme “Sunset” – filtering through the leaves created beautiful lighting and all of the colors looked washed from the recent rain. Plus, I spent time with family picking pears from some of our fruit trees. Summer is glorious.

Day 12.3

Day 12.2

Day 12.1

Day 12.4

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 10

Photo a Day

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post… A lot has been going on this past week and a half – one of my sisters came home from summer school, a brother came to visit for a bit, and another sister and her family are staying with my parents and I as well. I love getting to spend time with family, but it’s more difficult to fit in blogging. Mondays are good days to start fresh, though.

Day 10’s theme is “Childhood Memory,” and I decided to photograph some peaches my brother picked because I have fond memories of pulling peaches off trees for my mom to turn into pies when I was small.

Day 10.1

These will be a pie later today (minus the slightly moldy one).

Day 10.2

And these…

Day 10.3

And these ones, too…

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 9

Photo a Day

Today’s photo theme is “Someone You Love” so I picked a photo of my best friend I took when she graciously agreed to pose for me so I could practice my photography. It’s funny the different ways you become friends with people. Sometimes you’re thrown together with someone or you go through an experience that forces you (in a good way) to become friends. Other times you simply spend so much time with a person that you eventually look at the other individual and think, “You know what? We’re friends and I have no idea when that happened.” It might take days or, if you’re like me, it might take years before you actually open up to the other person and consider him or her a real friend, but eventually it happens and it’s wonderful.

Day 9

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 8


Hello again! I missed yesterday’s challenge “Routine,” and to be honest these are older photos… I’ve been busy with life outside of art, ok? However, I felt like these photos of my family’s dog, Pearl, fit the theme since she always waits by the side door for my mom to come back inside.

Day 8.2

Day 8.3

Day 8.1

Daily Doodle 5

Daily Doodle

I have to admit that I’m getting a bit tired of the rain. Where is the sunny July that I hoped for back during the school year? In other news, I’m not the happiest with today’s Doodle. I feel like it could be more interesting, have a better composition, etc, but I wasn’t sure what to change so I just left it be. Does anyone else become frustrated with not being the artist he or she wants to be? I know that I can become better, but struggling through those 10,000 hours in order to reach the next level is discouraging. However, what’s the point in giving up especially since I know I have the ability to be better.

DD 5.2

Drawn with a China marker pencil.

DD 5.1